Susan Lassiter-Lyons at home with Harper.

Our Story

Profit Snacks provides bite-sized courses and tutorials on investing. We cover all sorts of topics and strategies from investing in the stock market to NFT’s and crypto and everything in between.

As a division of My Money My Freedom, we noticed a space in the market to teach seemingly complex topics in an accessible and actionable way. And that’s what Profit Snacks is all about.

About My Money My Freedom

My Money My Freedom, founded by financial coach Susan Lassiter-Lyons, helps successful women set up retirement plans that produce all the income they need to live their best life, for life.

It’s the best method we’ve discovered to…

  • Eliminate the stress, confusion, and frustration around all things money and finance.
  • Retire confidently knowing you’ll have more than enough income to live your best life, for life.
  • Avoid delegating your investing to someone who’ll never care as much about your money as you do.

Learn more at My Money My Freedom.

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Are you behind in saving for retirement? Our Infinite Income retirement planning and investing system can be the solution.